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Interesting and Amazing Facts about Books and Authors

From the ridiculous (50 Shades of Grey is Britain’s best-selling book of all time?!) to the shocking (Nabokov’s wife prevented him from burning the unfinished drafts of Lolita!), I love reading interesting facts and trivia about writers and books. In this list from Buzzfeed, I was sitting wide-eyed the entire time I read the list. […]

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Writing Process Blog Tour – How Do I Write?

  First off, I’d like to thank High Fantasy author, Court Lynn, for asking me to participate in this author blog tour; although, it is certainly a different take on what is normally called a blog tour. I love the idea of a round robin to see how different authors write, what their process is, […]

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Who’s Your Favorite Robot?

So, I came across this image and shared on my Pinterest page, but I thought I’d post it here.  Just out of curiosity, can you name ALL of the robots shown?  I am missing a few.  :o)  

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Latest Release!

“The Blood of Others takes the reader through the amazing life of Paris as she grows from homeless orphan to one of the elite in an underground vampire society. Full of intrigue, love, and betrayal, it's a unique and fantastic addition to vampire lore.” - O. M. Grey, Amazon Gothic Romance best selling author of Avalon Revisited

Although Paris appears to be your average teenager, behind that guise resides a lethal 130-year-old-vampire. After having served for decades as one of the elite High Guard in an underground vampire society, one fateful decision turns her from trusted bodyguard to criminal.

Paris’ actions end in a death sentence and she finds herself in the human world, on the run from Garrett, an ancient assassin and the one man on the planet who knows her well enough to find her.

As Paris tries to find her place in this new world, she encounters other vampires and humans who revel both in their frailty and their own monstrous natures. She soon learns that the larger issue is that she might not belong in this world after all. Not to mention the fact that the very man sent to destroy her is the only man she has ever loved.

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Author C.L. Stegall C.L. Stegall is the co-founder and President of Dark Red Press. LLC, an independent publisher of Dark Fiction and Thrillers. C.L. published his first poem at age 20 and has not stopped writing since. He writes Young Adult Fantasy and Urban Fiction, as well as working on a quasi-autobiographical thriller set for 2015. He is a lover of Doctor Who, Rock and Roll and carrot cake. He lives in Plano with his lovely, irrepressible Wife and two dogs who think they own the joint.