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C.L. is a multi-published author of short stories, novellas and novels.


C.L. often speaks at writers' groups and conventions on the art and business of writing.

Visual Artist

C.L. creates all of his own book cover designs, as well as dabbling in traditional painting and photography.

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White Sands

Thirteen years ago a devastating contagion swept the globe, leaving only one in every thousand people alive. Now, in this desolate and lonely world, one of those survivors knows the dark truth behind the pandemic and has vowed to right a horrific wrong, bringing justice to those responsible.

In the gripping techno-thriller, White Sands, Jennifer Watson embarks on a righteous quest against terrible odds. In a world on the edge of oblivion, with only her reluctant sidekick Kel by her side, Jennifer must confront those responsible for the greatest atrocity in human history.

White Sands - a Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Vengeance: an Edge of Extinction novella


C.L. first began writing when in middle school. He was always preoccupied with subjects other than what was being taught in class and received his first ever A+ grade for a story he wrote in Spanish class his freshman year of high school. He continued to write throughout his high school years for extra credit. In fact, he continues to do so today...since, you never know when you're going to need it! His first time published was a poem while still in his early 20s, while serving in the U.S. Army.

C.L. published his first novel in 2011 and received glowing reviews. Shortly thereafter, he created a bit of a creative braintrust with several like-minded authors and brought to life the independent publishing venture, Dark Red Press. Since then, he has published various works, as well as contributing and serving as editor for the two DRP anthologies, 4POCALYPSE and 4RCHETYPES.
His latest release is the second edition of his Urban Fantasy novel, Blood of Others, the first novel in his Valence of Infinity series.

Regarding Blood of Others

"Full of intrigue, love, and betrayal, it's a unique and fantastic addition to vampire lore."
O. M. Grey, Amazon Gothic Romance best selling author of Avalon Revisited

Denizens of the Night

Take a Look
One Night in Hollywood
Take a Look
Wrath of the Red Queen
Take a Look

Regarding Weight of Night

"This book instantly sucked me in and I read the first night
until my eyes burned and I needed clothespins to hold them open."
- JA Redmerski, NY Times Best Selling author of "Edge of Never"

The Progeny

Weight of Night
Take a Look

Regarding 4rchetypes:
Modern Interpretations
of Classic Horror

"In each of the four novellas, the idiosyncrasies of every character are so thoroughly defined and expressed in such ways that they come through the page with a near tangible familiarity, creating a visceral, cinematic impact."
Amazon Reviewer


Contact Information

Plano, TX
214 843 0014
CL Stegall - Author


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