C.L. Stegall

We're only here on this planet for a short span of time. Are you doing what you want to do? I am. Come see.


  • 2011-Present

    Author, Partner

    @ Dark Red Press

    Project lead for numerous book projects, Senior Editor for two novella collections and speaker at various writing conferences.

  • 2003 – 2011


    @ Self

    Published various short fiction works, two of which won awards; authored my first full-length novel.

Speaking Engagements

  • July 2014

    Eyes On Makes the Difference

    @ Lexi-Con Writers' Conference

    Presentation on the various steps - both standard and non-standard - authors should take in preparing their manuscript for the public eye.

  • March 2014

    How to Write a Thriller

    @ Kick Off Spring Writers Extravaganza (B&N)

    Joint presentation with Dark Red Press authors on what are the key features of thriller fiction. Event organized by Amanda Thrasher of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press./p>

  • July 2013

    Intro to Publishing

    @ Lexi-Con Writers' Conference

    Presentation on the various paths and natures available to authors.

Free Library

This is where I will place various short stories, novelettes, even novellas for your reading enjoyment. If you like what you read, I hope you drop me a line or, better yet, take the opportunity to peruse my novels to see if you might like to purchase one on those!

Young Adult

Amy's Ogre - a Young Adult short story     A Warm Blanket - a Young Adult short story
Sweet Dreams - a Young Adult short story     Trinkets and Arrows - a tale of the Progeny

Thrillers / Horror

The Ordeal - a Hollywood thriller     A Clown Walks Into A Party - a Horror short

Science Fiction

White Sands - an Edge of Extinction tale    


C.L. Stegall, President of Dark Red Press, began writing short stories in his freshman year of high school for extra credit. He continues to write for extra credit to this very day...because, you never know when you're going to need it!

He is the author of both the YA Fantasy series, The Progeny, and the adult Urban Fantasy series, Valence of Infinity. He is also the senior editor for the novella collections 4POCALYPSE and 4RCHETYPES.

He spends his time writing, herding the cats of DRP and making his Wife, Mona, laugh. He lives in the Dallas area with Mona and two dogs who think they run the joint.


"The Blood of Others takes the reader through the amazing life of Paris as she grows from homeless orphan to one of the elite in an underground vampire society. Full of intrigue, love, and betrayal, it's a unique and fantastic addition to vampire lore."

O. M. Grey — Amazon Gothic Romance best selling author of Avalon Revisited

On "Weight of Night" : “A story packed with action, humor, love, and no small amount of learning, this is a book that should satisfy most readers. Brilliantly conceived and well written, this is book that should continue to gain popularity as word gets out.”

“The Blood of Others is an excellent dark fantasy, adventure-horror novel, with an exceptional female lead. It's dark, sexy, violent, and most of all, engrossing. Highly recommended.”

Stegall “is a storyteller that is able to get you into the minds of the characters he is creating as well as give you something that is entertaining, thoughtful and an amazing read. THE BLOOD OF OTHERS is a read that will keep you turning the page, savoring the adventure until the very end.”

On "The Blood of Others" : "I absolutely love Paris, the most amazing character I have ever had the privilege of identifying with. I was shocked with a lot that went on with her.”

On "Weight of Night" : “I need to stress that if I could give WEIGHT OF NIGHT (PROGENY #1) 6 stars, I would easily and it would be only my second 6-star rating (after David Moody's AUTUMN series) NOT for a book by a well-established author like Gaiman, McCormac, Rowling or Rice.”

“The Blood of Others is an excellent dark fantasy, adventure-horror novel, with an exceptional female lead. It's dark, sexy, violent, and most of all, engrossing. Highly recommended.”

Contact Info

Adress:Frisco, Texas USA
Phone:+1 214.843.0014

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