One Night in Hollywood - a Valence of Infinity short

One Night in Hollywood - a Valence of Infinity short by author C.L. Stegall

Some nights in Hollywood are more lethal than others! Tripp has been a part of Hollywood for more than fifty years. Tonight will be unlike any other. Upon meeting the blue-haired beauty, Greta, his curiosity struggles against his sense of danger. Something about this girl sends up all kinds of flags.

Tripp lets his boredom push aside his concerns and meets up with Greta where he becomes embroiled in a tale of false moves, lies, and danger. Suddenly, their late-night stroll turns into a life-or-death hunt...with Tripp and Greta the hunted!

A Case of Wrath - a Valence of Infinity novella

A Case of Wrath - a Valence of Infinity novella by author C.L. Stegall

Dracula meets Criminal Minds

Dallas Police Detective Sean Fennema has seen some weird things in his career, and some have never left him. Now, a series of brutal murders is vexing the department and Fennema is frustrated that his prime suspect, novelist Damon Gables, seems to have an airtight alibi for each of the murders.

As Fennema runs down every lead, he soon learns that Damon is in as much danger as the murderer’s victims and a terrible truth begins to unfold. Could a case of serial killing actually be a series of targeted attacks spanning centuries? If Fennema is in over his head, can Damon rise to the challenge? Or, will they both be victims in a case of wrath?

Combining the edginess of a police procedural with the dark twists of urban fantasy, A Case of Wrath is a powerful trek into an underworld we rarely witness.

Weight of Night - Book One of The Progeny series

Weight of Night - Book One of The Progeny series by author C.L. Stegall

A novel with true appeal for all ages!

A coming of age tale for adventurers

When her mother is taken from her in a terrible accident, Alexis must face extraordinary, previously hidden, truths. Her best friend, Keats, is her only confidante once she finds herself up against an apparent stalker who claims that Alexis’ entire life is built around a lie.
Alexis is suddenly thrown into a whirlwind world of danger and secret agendas, of demigods and deities.

When a brutal, self-righteous god decides that Alexis is his best hope for retrieving an ancient artifact, she finds herself on the self-discovery journey of a lifetime - tracking a killer and a kidnapper - and facing conniving and dangerous foes along the way.
Alexis must come to grips with who she truly is and just what she might be capable of if she is to survive long enough to save the one person in the world for whom she cares most.

Ancient Greek mythology comes to life in this unique coming-of-age tale that spans the globe and the heart of a girl who wants only to be normal. But just what is normal in a world like this?

>>> Fun, devious, naughty, complicated, and flat out fascinating

RoloPolo Book Blog says: "Stegall's re-invention or re-imagining of the old myths is a great new trend that I truly hope continues."

>>> Pacing was relentless, nonstop action.

Reviewer Takeda says: "A story packed with action, humor, love, and no small amount of learning, this is a book that should satisfy most readers. Brilliantly conceived and well written, this is book that should continue to gain popularity as word gets out."

>>> The writing style is amazing: clean, quick, crisp, believable and polished.

NY Times Best Selling author, J.A. Redmerski says: "I was thoroughly impressed with the whole idea of The Progeny. It was very well thought out and Stegall so easily pulled it off as if he does this sort of difficult thing every day. It's just one of those stories when you can't help but root for them in the sidelines, biting your lip out of prolonged unrest."


The Waif's Tale

The first novel in the
Valence of Infinity

The Waif's Tale - the first novel in the Valence of Infinity series by author C.L. Stegall

From orphan girl on the cold streets of Northern England to one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Paris, a 135-year-old woman in the body of a teenager, is a beautiful and lethal member of the vampire underground’s elite High Guard. Yet, one fateful decision turns her from trusted bodyguard to a fugitive with a death sentence on her head.
Paris flees into the human world, on the run from an ancient assassin who is the only man capable of finding her and the only man she has ever loved. With memories of her once-admirable life trailing her every move, she must stay one step ahead of her executioner and somehow find her new place in the world. Can she save herself from her fate? Can she protect herself from her own heart? Or, will she face her lover in a final game of death?

Dark, sensual, violent and thrilling, The Waif’s Tale takes you behind the myths and legends and reveals the truth of what it is to be a denizen of the night.