One Night in Hollywod

Even after decades in the fame-swarm of Hollywood glitterati, not every night is the same as the last. For, Tripp, this night very well could be his last.

A Case of Wrath

Dallas detective, Sean Fennema, has had some crazy cases in his career. When he runs up against a string of murders all tied to one man, he figures he's on the right track. He's never been more wrong.

Defining Moment

Facing a court martial, Sgt. David Stone is put in a room with a very persistent psychiatrist. He will have to dig deep into his past if he is to make it through this with any semblance of the life that led him here in the first place.

The Waif's Tale

Brutal, sensual and violent, The Waif's Tale is told through the eyes of Paris, a once-revered bodyguard to the leader of the Valensi — the basis of all vampire lore — as she finds herself on the run from an ancient assassin. He is the one person in the world who might be able to track her down. And, the only man she has ever loved.

Who Is C.L.?

Is this a serious question?

C.L. Stegall was born in the South. But, that's not his fault. He spent ten years in the military, serving most of that time in the intelligence field...that part was his fault. He has spent the rest of his life building fantasy worlds to share with the real world. But, that's no one's fault, really. It's just the way his brain works.

He Does What?

C.L. writes quite a bit.

  • Urban Fantasy
  • YA Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror

What People Are Saying

Excerpts from reviews of CL's writings.

  • "Stegall manages to weave equal parts action, romance, humor and philosophy into his tale, none of which feels forced or heavy-handed."

    Amazon Reviewer [Weight of Night]
  • "Stegall's spin on vampire lore was quite refreshing. It was well researched, well-conceived, and had such a rich mythos and history it was hard to believe it was all established in just one book."

    Amazon Reviewer [A Waif's Tale]
  • "It was an incredible story of one girl's journey to find 'her truth' and what a truth it was!"

    Amazon Reviewer [Weight of Night]